To help our little people be the best
possible versions of themselves.

Why have Jarrah Eddy Nutritionist/Naturopath, Leana Matodes Speech Pathologist, and Catherine Omni Psychologist joined forces?

Through working together supporting many little people and their families, Jarrah, Leana and Catherine have come to understand that their three worlds compliment each other so well. The interplay between speech, behaviour, diet, nutrients and gut health is heavily intertwined.

Jarrah, Leana and Catherine all have a strong desire to empower parents and carers with as much knowledge as possible so that they become the experts. A workshop platform allows them to do this on a greater scale, it helps them to reach and teach so much more.

Jarrah, Leana and Catherine run very busy clinics with longer and longer wait lists. The information they can cover in just one workshop is equivalent to what may take 5+ appointments in a clinic setting. This allows for greater sharing of clinical knowledge and tools to the parent for a fraction of the cost.

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